I am a PhD student co-supervised by Mickael Randour at the Université de Mons (UMONS) in the Mathematics department of the Faculty of Science, and Joost-Pieter Katoen at the RWTH Aachen University in the Computer Science department.
Before starting my PhD thesis in September 2018, I obtained my Master's degree in Computer Science at UMONS

My research interests are about

  • Formal verification and strategy synthesis in stochastic systems
  • Planning problems in partially observable probabilistic systems
  • Reinforcement learning for verification and safety in reinforcement learning

I am also interested in the combination of formal methods and machine learning in general.

Projects and Tools

SSP Solver [link] - SSP Solver is a tool that synthesizes strategies for different stochastic shortest path problems in Markov Decision Processes (e.g., minimization of the expected cost to a set of target states in the MDP, or maximization of the probability to reach this target set with a cost bounded, ...).
Statechart Visualizer [link] - In UML, statecharts form a visual modeling language for representing the executable behavior of complex reactive event-based systems. According to the description of a system, the tool allows to generate a pretty visual representation of its statechart. Moreover, it also allows to add visual constraints on states of the statechart (e.g., the state A has to be right to the state B, etc.).


  • Life is Random, Time is Not: Markov Decision Processes with Window Objectives: Thomas Brihaye, Florent Delgrange, Youssouf Oualhadj, Mickael Randour , CONCUR'19 (extended version on arXiv).


Formal methods for system design

Teaching assistant
CS and Maths: 4th and 5th year
Supervising exercise sessions and formal verification project.

Hands on AI

Teaching assistant
CS and Engineers: 4th and 5th year

University certificate in artificial intelligence for students and non university person.
Supervising reinforcement learning practical sessions.

Computer programming and Algorithms II

Student teaching assistant
CS and Maths: 1st year
Supervising practical sessions (Java 8).

Computer programming and Algorithms I

Student teaching assistant
CS, Maths and Physics: 1st and 2nd year
Supervising practical sessions (Python 3).

Attended events