Plenary Speakers

Parallel Sessions

Poster Session

A poster session will be organized so that young researchers and/or attendees who do not speak in parallel sessions can expose their work.


Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is composed of E. Creusé (Lille 1), C. De Coster (Valenciennes), A. Gloria (Bruxelles), S. Nicaise (Valenciennes), and C. Troestler (Mons).

You can contact the organizers using the email address npcbe(at)

Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is composed of C. Badéa (Lille 1), C. Besse (Lille 1), K. De Kimpe (Leuven), P. Lambrechts (Louvain-la-Neuve), P. Lefevre (Artois), W. Lowen (Antwerpen), M. Prévost (Littoral), W. Veys (Leuven), and A. Weiermann (Gent).