Karl Grosse-Erdmann

A restaurant named Karl
Bordeaux, Place du Parlement (2008)

Université de Mons
Département de Mathématique
20 Place du Parc
7000 Mons

phone: +

e-mail: kg.grosse-erdmann(at)umons.ac.be

Head of the Service de Probabilités et Statistique

Research interests:

Hypercyclic operators and linear chaos, ergodic theory, dynamical systems

Curriculum vitae

Visiting professor at:

1994/95Universität Ulm (one semester)
1995Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (one quarter)
1998Ohio University, Athens, Ohio (two quarters)
2000/01Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana (one year)
2001Université de Poitiers (one month)
2003Université de Metz (one month)
2004Université d'Artois, Lens (one semester)
2004/05Universitat Politècnica de València (three months)
2006Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana (one semester)
2007Université de Metz (one month)
2007Technische Universität Berlin (nine months)

memberships (in alphabetical order):



Author's page at MathSciNet with list of publications

Author's page at zbMATH with list of publications

Monograph: Linear chaos (with Alfred Peris), Springer 2011

Monograph: The blocking technique, weighted mean operators and Hardy's inequality, Springer 1998

Correspondence course (German; for students of FernUniversität Hagen): Wavelets, Hagen 2002

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One-and-a-quarter flag in honour of Jai Singh II (1688-1743), called Sawai (One and a quarter)
interested in mathematics, commissioner of the observatory at Jaipur
City Palace, Jaipur (2010)

A restaurant named Kaos
Siracusa, Sicily (2012)

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