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1st cycle: Bachelor

The Bachelor courses will give you a solid background in mathematics. Throughout your first year special support will be offered for a successful transition between high school and university. The proposed activities will help you adapt to the demands of university studies and to develop the mathematical skills and methodologies that this type of study requires. In addition, during the first year, you will have the opportunity to choose a complementary discipline, physics or computer science, and from the third year, applied probability. Throughout second and third year, you will continue to be supported by a team of easily accessible teachers who are concerned about your success.

You can view the program structure of degree Bachelor courses.

It will also be possible, from your second year Bachelor onward, to stay between three months and a year in foreign university with which the Department has signed an agreement, for example through the Erasmus program.

This degree allows you to enroll in a Master degree.

Program courses

The program of the three years of Bachelor in mathematics can be accessed through the following link.