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2nd cycle: Master in Mathematics

The master in maths has four specializations that extend the choice made in the first cycle and are in touch with the job that you want to perform:

The courses are common to two years of Master, which allows great flexibility in the composition of your curriculum. You get the advice of members of the institute so that your choices are best suited to your goals. You will find below a brief description of the various specializations that we offer, accompanied by testimonials from former students.

Whatever the specialization, you will have the opportunity to explore subjects of contemporary mathematics of your choice, through an internship, a project, and/or a master thesis. A member of the Department will assist you throughout.

In addition, an option can be added to your diploma to reflect the complementary skills that you have acquired. It will also be possible during your master's studies, to take courses at another university with which the Department has signed an agreement, for example through the Erasmus programme.

Professional Focus: Computer Science

Dany Maslowski
Read the testimony of a student.

In choosing the specialization in computer science, you acquire strong skills in both in mathematics and computer science which open the doors to careers in the computer departments of various industries and administrations.

You can view the curriculum.

Professional Focus: Finance

Sophie Authom
Read the testimony of a student.

The specialization in finance is the natural orientation for those wishing to go to the banking sector, to insurance, and to large financial platforms.

You can view the curriculum.

Teaching Focus

Audrey Lucas
Read the testimony of a student.

During the specialization in teaching, you will acquire tools to teach mathematics effectively as well as practical skills to engage in a rigorous and inventive way in your job as professor of mathematics.

You can view the curriculum.

Research Focus

Julie De Pril
Read the testimony of a student.

The research focus specializatiobn is for those who wish to do a PhD in mathematics. You will specialize in one of the research areas of the Department of Mathematics and will be brought to a level that will allow you to enter the world of research today. A PhD. thesis is a natural sequel to that education.

You can view the curriculum.