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Life long learning

Certificates are additional training for those who want to improve in mid-career. Access is

At the end of the formation below, a “university certificate in ...” is issued to the student. This document confirms the success and the possible granting of associated credits, without conferring the academic degree.

You enroll at the the Registration and certificates office.

Certificate in Computational Mathematics

Target audience: IT developers, banks and insurance agents, and more generally any person who needs to improve his math skills coupled with the tool.

Goals: Upon completion of this certificate, the student will be capable of making rigorous proofs, of linking the formal methods and intuition to undertand problems, and of solving practical problems requiring the use of both mathematical reasoning and numerical algorithms.

Course: choose 15 credits from the following courses, including at least one in each of the two blocks.

Contact person: C. Troestler 〈Christophe.Troestler(at)umons.ac.be〉.